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About Us

About Us

John (on the right), born and bred in The Valley, manages an apple orchard nearby, and you will find him working in the garden every now and then. Also, you will find him helping the team at the cafe from time to time. Bird lover and garden fanatic. 

Lee (on the left), came from Brazil, and after travelling all around NZ many years ago, I settled in Ettrick. I have worked seasonally in the apple industry for many years, and I will be in the cafe most of the time helping the team and now, you!  

We both have a passion for travelling and meeting new people. This accommodation idea came from our travels after meeting some cool hosts that are now close friends. So, our team and I are committed to making your stay as memorable as possible. 

If you need any assistance while you are here, please don’t hesitate to ask us. 

From time to time, we may invite you for a quick drive tour around the Valley, or a drink, a meal or just a chat.

Lee and John from Benger Garden Cafe and accommodation in Central Otago near Ettrick